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Cage Fitness™, where do I start?

Well first of all, there is no cage.

As I have alluded to before, I am by no means a fitness authority. While I am active, I have never really enjoyed any organized exercise. I have taken part in several different classes over the years; pilates, yoga, a couple of different fitness boot camps, a short stint with Kung Fu and water aerobics. (I have to say I LOVED the water aerobics but the classes aren’t really convenient for me.) As a child and teen I worked with and rode horses every day. Hidden in day to day care and training for competition was exercise, but it was a benefit of riding, not the reason.

So much to my surprise, I took a trial Cage Fitness™ class at my daughter’s martial arts school and loved it. I loved every sweaty, exhausting 30 minutes of it. This class is perfect for me. We work out for five 5-minute rounds. Each round consists of about six different exercises, working the upper and lower body as well as your core. I work only with a grappling dummy, no partners (although my classmates are great!), and there is constant variety which keeps it very interesting. I have no experience with other locations, but our academy here in town has fabulous instruction that motivates me to work harder. Plus, if for no other reason you get to punch the dummy. Really. Hard.

This is the best part! Photo by Brandon Tracy

I will not go into the details. I am not a big enough expert to describe the exercises, and you really need to see or try the class to get the idea. But I will say that I have lost some pounds, I am stronger, and when I look in the mirror there is no doubt I am tightening up. When I started the class I felt very clumsy and self-conscious, but through practice and encouragement from both instructors and fellow classmates, I feel a bit more coordinated and confident.

So much harder than it looks. Photo by Brandon Tracy

Cage Fitness™ is just plain fantastic. If you live here in town, I highly recommend taking a free trial. If you don’t, check out here to see if there is a class near you.

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