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Spring. (And a Seedling Update)

So… A couple of months ago I planted my daylily seeds. At the time only a couple of the seeds had germinated. It was cold out and there seemed to be no hope for Spring. At the time we didn’t know our Winter was just about over.

Spring sprung very early this year! The last weekend of February my husband and kids went ice fishing. Two weeks later the temperatures were in the 80s! For nearly a month we had mid-summer type temperatures. My daylily and annual seedlings moved outside and stayed there for weeks. The temps are more seasonal now, but yet I hear the lawnmowers outside. Though I moved the annual seedlings back in a week ago, the daylily seedlings are still outside. I plan to plant them Tuesday, the earliest I ever have.

The daylily seedlings look a little sad, but I can tell you they are tough. They have been through wind and rain and temps into the 30s. When I plant them in the garden, the leaves they currently have will more than likely shrivel and brown. In their place however will grow bigger, greener, stronger leaves. Hopefully in the summer of 2013 the first blooms from these plants will appear.

This early Spring allowed me to prune every shrub and clean up the garden all by March 15. We have been spoiled with a super short winter this year. If Mother Nature ever wants to treat us to this again, she has my vote!

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