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Pimp My Bio – PitchWars 2017

Here we are again! Apparently, I haven’t been blogging much, or at all. A little update to the Bio:

The Basics:

  • I am almost 47, having completed my first novel at age 43, so I have a bit of a late start.
  • I have a wonderful husband and two awesome kids, all very supportive of my writing. The best part of all this writing is that I have inspired both my children, ages 11 and 13, to write too!
  • I have a BS in Agricultural Journalism (that is a thing) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. buckybadger.gif
  • We currently live in a small town in Southern Wisconsin, but I grew up on a horse farm near Green Bay (Go Pack Go!). I spent my childhood showing horses throughout the Midwest. What a fantastic ride! (see what I did there?!)
  • I usually hide my nervousness with humor. (and again…)

A Few Things I love:

  • My Family. They are the best I could ask for!
  • Books: If it’s fiction, I probably love it. Lee Child, Susan Mallery, all the PitchWars mentors…  Seriously! The great thing about the writing community, especially Twitter, is getting to know so many authors and reading their books!
  • TV: Dexter, House, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, House of Cards, probably anything on the Hallmark channel on Saturday night, and “Making the Team” – Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.
  • Gardening
  • Animals: Especially my stinker of a rescue dog, Cosmo and horses.


My Novel:


My Pitchwars manuscript, IF WISHES WERE HORSES, is categorized as Women’s Fiction with an element of romance.

Olympic gold medal winning Equestrian, Willa Wray leads a dream life until she and her horse fall while going over a jump, both suffering career-ending injuries. While still in the hospital, reeling over her horse’s fate, and the loss of her life’s work, her boyfriend informs her he is leaving her for another woman. Feeling like everything she has ever loved is lost, she moves back to her childhood home in small town Emerald Bluff, Wisconsin to find a way to rebuild her life.

Back on the farm, physical therapy and hard work heal Willa’s body. A young girl who needs Willa to teach her to ride, helps her regain her confidence. Farm farrier and childhood crush Shaw McAlister, shows up to heal her heart. 

With the encouragement of her family, she finds the courage to go back out to the barn to face her injured horse. Making baby steps, eventually she takes on her new-found fear of riding by mounting the farm’s quietest mare. 

Willa’s journey with the little girl transforms her outlook on life, when the girl writes about how Willa has inspired her. Realizing she too has been inspired, she decides to start her own riding school. 

Willa and Shaw’s relationship blossoms, and soon Willa learns that he is an amazing metal sculptor. She wants to help him show his work, even if it means reaching out to the only person she knows who has contacts in the art world, her ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, Shaw has trust issues stemming from his abandonment by his father, and when he sees her with the other man, he assumes Willa will leave him too. While everything else in her life is finally falling back into place, can Willa find a way to save her heart?

I would love your criticism, prospective mentor, it will make me a better writer, and this story that I love, a better story. I’m a hard-working Wisconsin girl, and have a positive attitude so I think you would enjoy working with me.

I look forward to pitching to you and (crossing fingers) working with you! Thanks for taking the time to read my bio.


Thank you Brenda for putting this together!!

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