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The Spoon.

Maybe this is sharing too much.

I love a spoon. I am maybe even a little obsessed with a certain spoon. It isn’t fancy, it isn’t special. If you looked at it you wouldn’t even notice it. Truthfully though, when I see someone else in the family grab it to eat some applesauce or soup, it takes all my strength not to rip it out of their hands! Spoon-able food without that spoon just doesn’t taste quite as good to me.

Crazy right?!

Isn't she a beauty?

I “found” this spoon almost 20 years ago when my Mom, Dad and I went to the Grand Canyon. The three of us had never camped or hiked before, so it seemed like the perfect place to experience both! Well seasoned hikers that we were, we realized the morning of our hike that we did not have any utensils to stir the dehydrated meals we had packed. I grabbed a spoon from the cafeteria fully intending to return it after we emerged from the canyon.

We had a wonderful trip, one day to hike down, two to hike up. We ate our awful dehydrated spaghetti for dinner, the dehydrated scrambled eggs for breakfast. The spoon stirred it all for us, was there with us during this life-changing adventure.

We rose out of the canyon on the third day, filthy, sore and dying for a cold drink. We packed up our gear and immediately headed out of Grand Canyon National Park. We drove to Tusayan, the closest form of non-park civilization, and went through the drive thru at McDonald’s.

A couple of days later, after returning home and unpacking the camping gear, I found the spoon. I did not mean to keep it, but I was thousands of miles away from that cafeteria, so I washed it and stuck it in the drawer.

I was single then, with really cheap silverware. The new spoon had sturdiness to it. Some good weight which made it pleasant to hold.

Nearly twenty years later I still grab that spoon first, even with my “good” flatware added to the collection.  The spoon and I have been through the Grand Canyon together. It has joined me in five homes, served me through heartache, through love, through a wonderful marriage, and raising my kids. This morning I had the revelation, “why don’t I just buy a whole set of that flatware?” So I searched and searched. I found many similar place settings but none were just right. I imagine the style has long been discontinued (but why?), and even searches of discontinued styles brought no results.

I may never stop searching. Somewhere, there has got to be matching pieces to make a set. Maybe when I bring my kids to see the Grand Canyon someday, I will again eat at the cafeteria.  I suppose I could ask where they buy their flatware.  I am not sure I will be able to return that spoon however…

I better stop now before I get too stirred up.

Get it? Stirred up?


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