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As the Christmas season comes to an end, I wanted to reflect on one of the greatest moments of our family’s celebration this year:

The 12 foot tall Santa.

Sure, there were great times with family and friends. Our kids learned some important lessons in sharing and caring for others by donating gifts and money to those in need. There was even the gifts for us. But nothing could compare to the moment we first fired up (let me say it again) the 12 foot tall Santa.

12 feet of inflatable fun!

Sure, I know the photo doesn’t look all that impressive, and we were so in awe of big ol’ Santa that we forgot to take a photo. But to put it in perspective, his lower hand could pat me on the top of my head.

We didn’t go out looking for an inflatable decoration this year. A few weeks before Thanksgiving I visited Home Depot with my parents. I saw Santa up on the high shelf and I was in love. I went back and forth in my head like I seem to do with so many purchases.

“Oh man, we have to have that.”

“No, that is too much money.”

“But it is so cool.”

“Do we really need it?”

“But the kids would love it.”

Then a second voice joined the conversation, it was my mom who noticed me staring at that handsome man in the big red suit.

“You should get that.”

That pretty much pushed me off the fence, but first I had to drive my husband nuts with several texts where I again argued with myself, while he simply said “Sure, let’s do it.”

Thanksgiving weekend came and we were all so excited to put Santa up. As he began to inflate, I swear I could hear a drumroll just like the one in Christmas Vacation. Fortunately for us, putting up Santa was a much simpler and more sucessful endeavor than it was for the Griswolds.

Thoughout the Christmas season, I was often approached with the statement, “Are you the ones with the Santa?”

Proudly, I would reply, “We sure are!” That was my 15 minutes of fame, and I liked it. Cars would often slow, and our neighbors’ dogs even expressed their delight in his presence. (Ok, so maybe they were not actually delighted!) It was a great couple of weeks.

But all good things must come to an end. So tonight as Santa sits deflated, drying out in our lower level, we remember the air-filled fun he provided us all the Christmas season.

That'll do Santa, that'll do.


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