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We have the most wonderful neighbor.

“M” has been our neighbor for almost nine years. She is a beautiful woman, with lovely children, grandchildren and a precious great-grandchild. She and her late husband were one of the first to build a house in our neighborhood maybe 14 years ago. Most of our other neighbors have moved and new ones have replaced them, but M has been here since we bought our home, our first home. We always say how blessed we are to have her as our neighbor. She has been my gardening buddy over the years, and has treated our children as if they were her own grandkids.

A year and a half ago she was diagnosed with cancer. She has always been a peppy, strong woman. Someone hard to keep up with at most tasks. Cancer has had a hard time keeping up with her as well. A couple of days ago, we first learned that she was originally given just a year to live, and she has beaten that by half a year already.


I visited M at our local hospice care center yesterday. She just moved there a week ago. We didn’t even know. I feel bad we haven’t kept in touch as often as we should have these past months. She slept while I was there, and I spoke with her daughter. Today they will find out some information from the medical team. I hope it is good news. If anyone can beat this, I know you can M. I’d like you to enjoy your garden this summer and we’d like to see your smiling face.


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