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Two weeks ago we became the very proud parents of a daughter who earned her first belt in Mixed Martial Arts, the White Belt with Gold Stripe.

As proud as we are, no one is prouder than our little lady herself. In September we signed her up at our local Martial Arts school on the recommendation of several current students. We knew it was a good school, as we had heard good things. What we had no idea about was how great this school for teaching not only Martial Arts, but just teaching about life itself. Our little girl has always been a fantastic kid, but it is so cool to see her embrace the respect and attention that this has required of her.

“Graduation” night came and she was so nervous. My Mom ironed her uniform(I don’t own an iron. I suspect my Mom is appalled by this). Grandma, Grandpa, Brother, Dad and myself squeezed into the very crowded room. As I watched our little girl(with a pack of Smarties in my hand just in case her blood sugar went low), I thought about how awesome it would be if she continued her training. I daydreamed that she would earn her black belt someday. Thought about how one day in college she might encounter a less than desirable young man who would quickly learn his lesson if he tried to be too aggressive. I pictured her competing Karate Kid style, in front of a large crowd chanting her name. Heck, maybe she could even be a role-model for kids with Type 1 Diabetes…

I came back to the moment. I have a tendency to dream big, but that night I realized that what we had right there was enough. We have a great daughter, a daughter with a “White belt with Gold Stripe,” and you know what, she already is a role model for other kids.

We’re proud of you Pumpkin. And you should always be proud of yourself too!


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