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Back to School Blues

School is starting in just over two weeks, and for the first time in seven years, I am going to be home alone all day, five days a week.

What will I do, you ask? Well I have big plans. But that is not what this post is about. These past few years I have been getting together with other moms in town. One mom in particular has become a very close friend of mine. But never have any of us gotten together during the week just as grown-ups. Nope, we get together because “the boys want to play,” or because of a playgroup I am part of.

The boys will be at school this year, and my excuse to go to the library for storytime, the park, open gym or even McDonald’s playland, is gone. Truthfully, I didn’t do all those things simply because the kids enjoyed them, but because I did too. We get an hour where we can’t do housework or laundry. We get an hour where we can chat guilt-free and even gossip a little. I will truly miss getting together with you this fall, and though I know we may still chat, I fear it will not be the same.

Will I be kicked out of storytime if I don’t bring a kid?


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