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The Party’s Over…

Okay, I know we are technically in the middle of Summer, but as far as I am concerned the party is over. School supplies are overflowing in the stores, Christmas decorations are for sale at the craft stores and here is the big sign, (gasp!) I am getting sick of my garden.

Not sick of gardening, but sick of this year’s garden. A couple of weeks ago I was deadheading 300+ daylily flowers a night. Now, I have maybe 20 or 30 blooms a day. I am not sure because I don’t bother to deadhead anymore.

I have begun to plan for next summer. Plants this time of year get ripped out left and right. Some plants get moved, many more composted. I have 70 more daylily seedlings waiting to be planted in my garden, and I need spots for them.

In the past years I have been a bit sentimental about my plants, especially the seedlings. But I have grown close to 500 daylily seedlings over the past few years and I can’t possibly keep them all. This year I looked at each one (both flower beauty and plant habit) and said to myself, would I buy this daylily? If no, I dug it out right then and there. If the answer was yes, I asked myself if there was one in the garden that was similar but better, if that was true, out it went.

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It was so freeing, much like cleaning out a closet. I have gotten almost all those plants that don’t thrill me 100 percent, regardless if I have grown or purchased it. It really isn’t worth the irritation to keep a plant I am not crazy for simply because I bought it on a whim in 2005.

It is still summer, but as far as I am concerned, the excitement of this year’s garden is over. It was a successful year, but now I am looking to the next growing season. Scraggly annuals, its time you shape up or you’re next!


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