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Back to School Blues

School is starting in just over two weeks, and for the first time in seven years, I am going to be home alone all day, five days a week.

What will I do, you ask? Well I have big plans. But that is not what this post is about. These past few years I have been getting together with other moms in town. One mom in particular has become a very close friend of mine. But never have any of us gotten together during the week just as grown-ups. Nope, we get together because “the boys want to play,” or because of a playgroup I am part of.

The boys will be at school this year, and my excuse to go to the library for storytime, the park, open gym or even McDonald’s playland, is gone. Truthfully, I didn’t do all those things simply because the kids enjoyed them, but because I did too. We get an hour where we can’t do housework or laundry. We get an hour where we can chat guilt-free and even gossip a little. I will truly miss getting together with you this fall, and though I know we may still chat, I fear it will not be the same.

Will I be kicked out of storytime if I don’t bring a kid?


The Party’s Over…

Okay, I know we are technically in the middle of Summer, but as far as I am concerned the party is over. School supplies are overflowing in the stores, Christmas decorations are for sale at the craft stores and here is the big sign, (gasp!) I am getting sick of my garden.

Not sick of gardening, but sick of this year’s garden. A couple of weeks ago I was deadheading 300+ daylily flowers a night. Now, I have maybe 20 or 30 blooms a day. I am not sure because I don’t bother to deadhead anymore.

I have begun to plan for next summer. Plants this time of year get ripped out left and right. Some plants get moved, many more composted. I have 70 more daylily seedlings waiting to be planted in my garden, and I need spots for them.

In the past years I have been a bit sentimental about my plants, especially the seedlings. But I have grown close to 500 daylily seedlings over the past few years and I can’t possibly keep them all. This year I looked at each one (both flower beauty and plant habit) and said to myself, would I buy this daylily? If no, I dug it out right then and there. If the answer was yes, I asked myself if there was one in the garden that was similar but better, if that was true, out it went.

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It was so freeing, much like cleaning out a closet. I have gotten almost all those plants that don’t thrill me 100 percent, regardless if I have grown or purchased it. It really isn’t worth the irritation to keep a plant I am not crazy for simply because I bought it on a whim in 2005.

It is still summer, but as far as I am concerned, the excitement of this year’s garden is over. It was a successful year, but now I am looking to the next growing season. Scraggly annuals, its time you shape up or you’re next!

Seven Years.

Seven years ago today I started a new career. I was completely unqualified, and did not have a realistic understanding of the duties or the hours. Nevertheless, with the help of my wonderful husband and family, I reported for duty a few minutes after 2 a.m. on August 6, 2004.

I made many rookie errors the first few months, but settled in nicely with my new employer. She required a lot of attention, but seemed to forgive the many mistakes I made as I stumbled along. Almost two years into my employment we brought in a second boss, a young man who was every bit as pleasant as m first. 

These past seven years have had many ups and just a very few downs. There was some lost sleep, some crying over spilled milk, and a lot of crap, but mostly we have had many fun times, all of us learning so much as we went along.

Our relationship has grown so much, the time we spend together simply priceless. The demands have decreased and the fun has increased. This is the first job I have ever had that I did not want to quit within two years of starting. I LOVE this job.

Starting September 1st, my employers will be out of the office Monday through Friday. Many have asked what I will do with all that time once they are gone. There is still quite a bit of support work to be done, even if they are out of the office. I don’t plan to switch careers quite yet.

I hope that my employers have enjoyed our time together these past years as much as I have. I sure appreciate the opportunity you have given me.

Happy 7th Birthday Pumpkin!

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