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So today my Husband and I decided to take the kids on a fun, innocent family adventure, just minutes away in Madison, Wisconsin. I went to school there (UW-Madison), so it is always fun to hang out on campus for a couple of hours, boring the kids with the stories of our youth.

We decided to stop at one of our old watering holes for lunch, State Street Brats, which is located on (yes you’ve guessed it!) State Street. If you are at all familiar with downtown Madison you are aware that State Street is a great place to people-watch. Since it was such a beautiful day, we took advantage of the patio and ate lunch looking over State. There was the usual procession of street musicians, college students, older folks reminiscing, several twenty-somethings declaring their individuality with colorful hair, and dogs and their people taking a walk.

What we didn’t expect to see (yet not at all suprising) was the Naked Bike Day ride passing right in front of us. It was hilarious, but as parents we were not sure if we should laugh or be horrified at what our children just saw. There were A LOT of questions, and I think we answered at least most of them pretty well. I think we were both relieved that the kids both said “Private parts should be kept private.”

We were pretty proud of ourselves, thinking we had put the subject to rest, when the bareskinned bicyclists returned for an encore.

Seems uncomfortable on so many levels. Photo by M.P. King


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