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My first “real job” was in sales. Great pay, great benefits and even great people to work with (I met my husband there!), but oh how I hated the job. In the early 80s however, all I wanted to do was sell something. So much so that I nearly drove my parents batty with my obsession of selling Mason shoes. I ordered the shoe-selling kit which included a fabulously huge catalog, a chart to measure feet and a squishy foot-shaped sample of the insole that I absolutely adored.

This thing was fabulous!

The day it arrived in the mail, I proudly presented my sales kit and shared my plan with my parents. They did not share the same passion for shoe sales as me and promptly told me no way. You see my fantasy of going door to door selling shoes had its limits as I was only about 10 years old, and we lived way out in the country. While I was determined to sell those shoes, I did not have the motivation to walk up and down hills for miles lugging a five pound catalog. 

Lemonade stands held about the same amount of success, as the occassional car sped by at about 60 miles per hour, never even seeing me at the end of the driveway.

Therefore, when the kids decided to sell lemonade today, I was less than excited. We had no cups in our cupboard, and no lemonade mix either. Our little guy had the bug to sell something though, so he decided to sell his books for a nickel each. Good plan, but not one person stopped. They made signs and a stand, spending hours out there even enjoying dinner at the end of the driveway. The kids didn’t sell a darn thing, but I don’t think they cared. The fun they had together was well worth more than the $.20 (yes, 20 cents) they would have earned on in sales. What they had was priceless, a great end to another fun-filled childhood day.

So Patient.


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