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Yada, Yada, Yada

Friday night we went to see Jerry Seinfeld in concert. My Husband and I do not do something like this very often, and we had been looking forward to this for many many weeks. We probably hyped it up too much in our heads or out loud when talking about it prior to the show. It could have been really a disasterous set up, but you know what? Jerry was fabulous. We had great seats (and if you saw the show you might get an extra chuckle out of that), so when he ran out on stage we could clearly see his face and expressions. For a moment it was like, “Hey, there’s Jerry!” Then the next thought was, “Oh. Right. That’s why we’re here.” I forgot for a bit that he wasn’t an old friend. 

Seriously, has there ever been a worse photo of Jerry ever taken?

While Jerry is a bit older and a whole lot wealthier that us, it seemed that most, if not all of the things he said were something we could currently relate to. Whether he referred to discovering Pop Tarts as a child (I have never tried one, but nevertheless I could totally relate), or his own child filling a diaper, it seemed like the show was tailor made for us. It was truly a fantastic evening’s entertainment.

It was a great time with great company (we sure had fun cousin S). A night we surely will not forget any time soon, and definitely won’t stop (mis)quoting any time soon either. We loved it. Jerry, you are welcome to our town any time!

Whoo!!! Let me help you with your act!

Oh, and by the way. To the bonehead guy in front of us Friday night. Yeah, you, the one who had to hold his arms up during every moment of the show yelling “WHOO!,” trying to get Jerry’s attention. The one who actually held up his hand thinking Jerry wanted to call on someone from the audience. The one whose date slowly leaned further and further away from him as the night went on. Hey, we all paid to see Jerry, and his great opening act Tom Papa. Try to remember that next time.


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