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Mmm. Candy

Seriously. I can’t stay awake for anything lately. I don’t know if it is the fresh air or just plain laziness, but I can’t stay up past 8:30 most nights! Tonight I thought a Diet Coke might help, and so far so good!

Last weekend I attended the wedding of my youngest 1st cousin on my Dad’s side. It was really great to see everyone, it had been years since I saw many of my cousins, aunts and uncles. It was great to catch up with so many folks!


This wedding had the coolest thing I had ever experienced at any wedding. A candy buffet. We had an empty (big) favor box at our seat, and then we got to take it up to a table overflowing with jars of candy to fill it. Who told them I LOVE peanut butter M&Ms?!

I have never seen this before, and may never see it again, but I have only one word for it: Brilliant!
This coming weekend is the wedding for my youngest 1st cousin on my Mom’s side of the family. (I am noticing a pattern here.) We are very much looking forward to this wedding, and our kids can not wait to dance all night! We won’t hold it against you W. if you don’t have the candy buffet!!
Well, I am getting a bit sleepy. At least I got a few words entered before the lids got heavy…Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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