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Well, here we are. It is the last day of Diabetes Blog Week, and I have to say it was a bit exhausting.

I have sheltered myself these last few years, trying not to “think” so much about Diabetes. Sure, I think about Diabetes throughout the day, everyday, but more in a mechanical ‘count the carbs’ and ‘test the blood sugar’ kind of way.

Thinking more than that about Diabetes on a daily basis is very difficult for me. I applaud all of you D-bloggers out there that do this everyday. It was tough for me to do that (the reason I missed two days.) We of course strive for the best A1C, want what is best for our daughter, but honestly if I think about the complications, the dangers, the things that could go wrong, I go a little looney!

I was introduced to a bunch of great D-bloggers this week, and I will continue to enjoy reading your posts. I will continue my blogging plan of including Diabetes as one of the several topics I would like to cover, but it will not be my only focus. I hope you enjoyed reading and writing as much as I did this week!


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