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Awesome Things

Today’s D-Blog week assignment is Awesome Things. These are the awesome things that Diabetes has brought to us. There is really nothing awesome about Diabetes, but if we have to live with it, we might as well look at the glass half full.

  • We keep fewer unhealthy foods around the house, which is good for everyone. We, like anyone, love cookies and cake, but probably have them a lot less often than we would have because of the havoc they cause blood sugar. All of our bodies can thank Diabetes for that.
  • Several years ago our little girl learned that she and Nick Jonas have both Diabetes and the Omnipod in common. Now though, she only has eyes for Justin Bieber!

Imagine the simultaneous screams of every girl in the U.S. under the age of 16.


  • We have (in addition to our family and friends!) the greatest babysitter. She is now a college student, who shares both her name and Type 1 Diabetes with our daughter, but she is still willing to take care of our rug rats when she can.
  • We were introduced to our little girl’s teacher, a phenomenal woman who volunteered to take on her our daughter and her Diabetes. She was her Kindergarden teacher, and then moved on to 1st grade with the entire class, staying together this year too.  (Please can you just teach her for 8 or 10 more years? No? Ok, how about our little boy next year in Kindergarten?) Miss T., you have set the bar very high for your colleagues going forward not only as a great teacher, but also as a terrific Type 1 Diabetes caretaker.
  • Our little girl’s Diabetes diagnosis really put everything else into perspective.  She may have some challenges in life, but there is absolutely nothing she can not do with a little extra attention and planning. As much as I know it those with Type 1 may hate to hear this, our little girl really could have it a lot worse.

Don’t get me wrong, if we could eliminate this disease tomorrow, there is nothing that would stop me from getting our little girl a cure. But please know in the meantime, she does not want your pity, just your understanding.


Comments on: "Awesome Things" (2)

  1. That was a really nice list of Awesome Things. I agree, I’d eliminate diabetes in a heartbeat if I could. But it’s nice to look at the good things that it has brought us too.


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