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Well, I admit it, I skipped out on blogging yesterday. I was tired and lazy and really didn’t feel like thinking about Diabetes that hard yesterday. But I am back, and while this is not a very positive post, it is rather simple. So here we go, the 10 things I hate about Diabetes:

  1. I hate that our daughter doesn’t know any other life. (She was diagnosed young and that is often used as a positive, but lets face it, it also means the complications may begin sooner that someone diagnosed at a later age.)
  2. I hate that really stubborn Highs and super-low Lows usually come as we are going to a movie, a party, or before some kind of event like a dance recital or wedding. They also invade her life when she is at school or playing with a friend, always making her miserable and reminding her that she is different at just the wrong time.
  3. I hate that every single day the first thing I think when I look at our little girl is “I wonder what her blood sugar is?”
  4. I hate that I don’t feel comfortable letting her go on a sleepover at a friend’s house. My best friend has certainly offered, but I don’t want her to have to worry all night about low blood sugars. (I could stay over too though, and we could have drinks!)
  5. I hate that my little girl has to continually explain to strangers what that thing is on her arm. (Her pod – insulin pump.)
  6. I hate that she has to have Mom or Dad at every event when other kids are just dropped off. (Don’t tell her, but I enjoy staying and probably would anyway!)
  7. I hate that even though she usually doesn’t wake up, we disturb her sleep two to three times a night to check her blood sugar.
  8. I hate that my calculation errors can cause her discomfort.
  9. I hate that I don’t trust the school staff enough with our daughter’s care even though they are doing a spectacular job.
  10. I hate that my pancreas works just fine even with the abuse I probably give it. I would take her Diabetes any day if I could. 

Ok, there’s ten. Too depressing! Diabetes is part of our life, and because of it we probably eat a little healthier that we would have otherwise. We have met people that we would not have without Diabetes, and have gotten to know people such as school staff much better that we would have otherwise. We have learned how responsible our daughter is, how empathetic our son can be and just how much we really can do as parents. There is nothing I like about Diabetes, but we might as well look for the good if it is going to be around for a while.

There that feels better. Back to happy thoughts!


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