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I love to garden. My garden has grown every year since we moved into our house, and if it were entirely up to me our grass would only exist as paths to walk through the garden. I spend a lot of the time out in the yard, and have tried to get the kids involved as well. They have their own gardens, and we have seeds for giant sunflowers that they will plant when the weather warms up.

Today I had my dandelion digging tool out, because as crazy as it sounds, I absolutely love digging dandelions out in the spring.  The kids were running around in our neighbor’s yard, and I asked them to come back to our yard and play. Both my little sprouts ran up to me with bouquets of yellow in their hands.

“Mom stop killing all our dandelions, we got these at Dick and Jane’s* house. See how pretty they are!”

“Those are pretty sweety.” Its funny how I spend so much time doting over my garden, yet fail to stop and enjoy the beauty of a plant that requires nothing from me…

Nope. I’m still gonna dig them out.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.


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