A Blend of Life, Family, Awareness & Tales


Today I thought a lot about what I was going to actually put into this blog. I have a great life, a wonderful husband who I could talk about all day, a fantastic little boy (4 yrs) who gives me endless comedic material to work with, and a terrific, beautiful, smart little girl (6 yrs) who has gotten only one word wrong on her spelling tests all year. This same little girl has Type 1 Diabetes.

Do I want to make this a Diabetes blog? No, not really. There are a bunch of fantastic blogs out there that already tackle this subject with great humor, emotion, passion and education. But this blog is about my life, and Type 1 Diabetes does manage to wriggle its way into it whenever it can.

For example, as I sit here writing this, my little girl has come up from bed four times to tell me she still feels ‘low.’  Her blood sugar is too low because of some combination of actions this evening that may have worked fine any other night.  She has eaten, in the last 20 minutes, two packs of fruit snacks, a glass of milk and a banana just so her blood sugar can get back up to where it needs to be. 

Last night our little boy fell out of bed. Twice.

Life is a medley of experiences and in that spirit, I have named this blog Jo-pourri (yes, like potpourri but with my name Jodi). This blog will cover my life, family, writing and yes, that unwelcome guest, Type 1 Diabetes.


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