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I love to garden. My garden has grown every year since we moved into our house, and if it were entirely up to me our grass would only exist as paths to walk through the garden. I spend a lot of the time out in the yard, and have tried to get the kids involved as well. They have their own gardens, and we have seeds for giant sunflowers that they will plant when the weather warms up.

Today I had my dandelion digging tool out, because as crazy as it sounds, I absolutely love digging dandelions out in the spring.  The kids were running around in our neighbor’s yard, and I asked them to come back to our yard and play. Both my little sprouts ran up to me with bouquets of yellow in their hands.

“Mom stop killing all our dandelions, we got these at Dick and Jane’s* house. See how pretty they are!”

“Those are pretty sweety.” Its funny how I spend so much time doting over my garden, yet fail to stop and enjoy the beauty of a plant that requires nothing from me…

Nope. I’m still gonna dig them out.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.



Today I thought a lot about what I was going to actually put into this blog. I have a great life, a wonderful husband who I could talk about all day, a fantastic little boy (4 yrs) who gives me endless comedic material to work with, and a terrific, beautiful, smart little girl (6 yrs) who has gotten only one word wrong on her spelling tests all year. This same little girl has Type 1 Diabetes.

Do I want to make this a Diabetes blog? No, not really. There are a bunch of fantastic blogs out there that already tackle this subject with great humor, emotion, passion and education. But this blog is about my life, and Type 1 Diabetes does manage to wriggle its way into it whenever it can.

For example, as I sit here writing this, my little girl has come up from bed four times to tell me she still feels ‘low.’  Her blood sugar is too low because of some combination of actions this evening that may have worked fine any other night.  She has eaten, in the last 20 minutes, two packs of fruit snacks, a glass of milk and a banana just so her blood sugar can get back up to where it needs to be. 

Last night our little boy fell out of bed. Twice.

Life is a medley of experiences and in that spirit, I have named this blog Jo-pourri (yes, like potpourri but with my name Jodi). This blog will cover my life, family, writing and yes, that unwelcome guest, Type 1 Diabetes.


Well here I go! I can’t begin to tell you how terrifying this is to finally put something in print that people are (hopefully!) going to read, so hold on while I get my bearings!

I plan to share stories of the glamorous world of a stay at home mom to a wonderful little boy and a fantastic little girl. I hope to educate and enlighten with tidbits about raising a child with Type 1 Diabetes and finally, I am going to get brave and share some of my never before seen fiction.

I look forward to hearing from you as well. Thanks for checking out my new blog!

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